About 100 companies from China have jointly established a security-focused Green Mobile Phone Alliance in Shanghai.

These companies include Spreadtrum Communications Inc, Lenovo and Hisense, and they have also published a green mobile phone alliance pact. The pact states that members of the alliance will work together to fight against malware and unauthorized software pre-installed in mobile phones that spreads pornography; supervise the use of software applicable to mobile phones; share information with one another; and develop green mobile phones with healthy pre-installed software.

As a leading company of China's chip industry, Spreadtrum has enjoyed a good reputation in the industry for releasing self-discipline proposals, cooperating with clients and partners to resist illegal software and take immediate actions against illegal behaviors.

Mobile phones are now necessary communications tools. With the advance of technology, more new features like pre-installing software have been added to mobile phone products, which, while bringing much convenience and pleasure to consumers and new growth points for the mobile communications enterprises, have also caused a lot problems, such as pornography and malicious charging of fees.


  1. I'm wondering why the use of the word "green"? Because its similar to the "Green Dam" project? Use of the word "green" in English strictly means materials that are environmentally friendly and this article doesn't mention that at all. Lost in translation?


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