China's State Council Information Office has published a white paper outlining China's Internet status.

The white paper states that the Chinese government is fully aware of the irreplaceable role of the Internet in accelerating the development of national economy, advancing technology, and promoting the process of information to citizens. It states the national government pays great attention to and actively promotes the development and application of the Internet.

The white paper introduces the basic situation of the development of the Internet in China and it explains the Chinese government's basic policies about the Internet as well as its views about related issues, to help the public and the international society to fully understand the true conditions of the development and management of the Internet in China.

The white paper has a total of about 13,000 words, including a preface; promotion of Internet development and its popularization; promotion of Internet applications; protection of citizens' freedom of expression on the Internet; basic principals and practices for Internet management; protection of Internet security; active implementation of international communication and cooperation; and a conclusion.

The white paper states that the Chinese government will continue to improve its Internet development and management policies to make them better meet the internal laws and objective needs for the development and management of Chinese society. In practice, the Chinese government will refer to useful experiences of various countries and the government hopes to contribute to the sustainability of the Internet with other countries.


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