Microsoft China and the municipal government of Jinan have signed a three-year strategic memorandum of understanding to implement comprehensive cooperation in cloud computing, talent training, outsourcing, and protection of intellectual property, and the technology company will set up a new branch in Jinan.

Under the memorandum, Microsoft will establish a new subsidiary in Jinan to promote the implementation of cooperating projects of the two parties, including local investment management, and financial and technical support to partners. Meanwhile, Microsoft's new site will offer support to software service outsourcing enterprises in Jinan. The two parties will also work together to upgrade Microsoft's technology center in Shandong to a software innovation center under the National Development and Reform Commission of China.

For outsourcing, Microsoft will lead and support a batch of information technology and outsourcing enterprises' entry into the Jinan city to increase the business volume of these enterprises in Jinan. At present, Microsoft has set up an information technology academy in Jinan, and it will accelerate the training of information technology and service outsourcing talents in the future.

Microsoft will also settle its cloud computing technology in Jinan to establish the cloud computing operation capacity of local enterprises. Microsoft plans to cooperate with Shandong computer science center to set up a cloud computing platform for the Qilusoft Science and Technology Park, providing services to enterprises in the park and assisting the cloud computing platform planning of Jinan's western new area.

Protection of intellectual property is also an important part in the cooperation of Microsoft and Jinan government. Jinan will further promote the protection of intellectual properties, create a good atmosphere for protection of intellectual properties, and lead the using of genuine software products in enterprises.


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