Germany's Original 1 has set up a subsidiary in Beijing named Original 1 Tech Beijing Corporation to provide near field communication mobile authentication services.

A joint venture founded by Nokia, SAP and G & D, Original 1 was registered and established in February 2010 and headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. Its key employees previously worked in Nokia's innovation business unit. Since the establishment of Original 1, it combines the advantages of Nokia, SAP and G & D to provide clients with anti-counterfeit authentication services and other wireless value-added services.

Xu Jian, general manager of Original 1 Tech Beijing Corporation, said that the company will research and develop clients with NFC authentication tags after its foundation, and the product is expected to be launched in six months and pre-installed on Nokia phones.

Xu revealed that users can scan products by using client bar codes to make quick price comparisons. The company will also offer some value-added services, including VIP member and group purchases.


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