Chinese corporate management software provider Kingdee has announced that it has completed the full acquisition of Zhongshan Eatsun Network Technology Company, and it has launched its new products for food and beverage, apparel, and trade companies.

These moves mark Kingdee's formal entry into the service information market.
Founded in 2000, Eatsun is a private technology company that focuses on providing professional software to the F&B and leisure service industries. On November 23, 2010, Kingdee invested about CNY30 million in the acquisition of Eatsun, aiming at increasing advantages for its entry into the service information market.

In addition, Kingdee launched three new products, which are developed for F&B companies, apparel distributors and retailers, as well as small manufacturing enterprises.

Kingdee's acquisition of Eatsun is reportedly one of the largest acquisitions in the social service software industry in China. Kingdee said that following this acquisition, the company will accelerate its mergers and acquisitions of other service information products to finally form a big service product system.


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