China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has published a report on Chinese telecom services for the second quarter of 2011, stating that 15,025 complaints were accepted during the period, a quarter-over-quarter decrease of 0.9%.

Of the complaints, those about network quality saw a slight increase of 1.8% and accounted for 21% of the total; complaints about user service decreased by 1.6 % and accounted for 41.7%; and complaints about fees decreased by 0.2% and accounted for 37.3%.

MIIT said that under the provisions of the Interim Measures for Settling the Complaints of Telecom Users, relevant telecommunications bureaus should mediate and reply to these complaints to protect the legal rights and interests of telecom consumers.

In regards to supervision and settling of problems, MIIT checked 312 services of 161 basic and value-added telecom service providers, covering sectors like video on demand, customization, inquiry, unsubscribing, service promotion and user service. The results showed that the operations of most of the enterprises complied with the Interim Measures. However, ten enterprises were found involved in service and charge problems, including charging without providing services, false promotions, and not answering customer service hotlines.

MIIT said these ten enterprises have been investigated and punished, though specific details were sketchy. Meanwhile, based on the complaints of users, eight other enterprises were investigated for service violations.


  1. I have one complaint and one praise for China Mobile:

    COMPLAINT: China Mobile sends me sooooo many spams. How can I stop them? They are comig directly from China Mobile company and not a 3rd party!!!

    PRAISE: I can access my phone anywhere even if I'm underground. In Europe we have so many rural areas where there is no zone but in China we can call people any time and any where.


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