Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei has announced plans to invest up to USD150 million in India in 2012 to promote its business growth.

Sures Vaidyanathan, Huawei's spokesperson in India, told local media that Huawei is committed to the long-term development in India, and it will accelerate the development of enterprise business, terminal business, 2G capacity expansion, 3G and LTE technical platforms.

Huawei provides equipment to operators to help them offer these technologies to end-users. Huawei's Indian branch is one of the largest information and communications technology companies in the local market and it is also one of the largest broadband equipment suppliers.

Over the past ten years, Huawei has invested USD1.5 billion in the development, business, market, and manufacturing base in India, establishing the marketplace as its hub for resources and corporate social responsibility. So far, the Indian market contributes 3% of the global net income of Huawei. In 2010, the Chinese company's total revenue was CNY185.176 billion.

Huawei's major income source in India is the traditional operator business, followed by enterprise and mobile device businesses. For the year of 2012, the company plans to balance its revenue from these three sectors, said Vaidyanathan.


  1. How can the Indian's trust Huawei after the USA government already said they were an evil company with strong Chinese government ties?!

    We all have to be very worried about Huawei and the strings attached to them and their executives.

  2. Huawei's ties to the Chinese government was debunked last year, so get your facts straight!!

    Huawei has no relation to the military there and it has severed ties to the government.

    Your statement was wrong and not good on a public forum.


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