IBM and the Chinese collective buying website have jointly announced that IBM will provide its leading enterprise resource planning services to

Wu Bo, founder and chief executive officer of, said that via IBM's ERP system and most effective comprehensive solutions, they expect to realize overall improvement in financial management, human resources management, budget management, operating efficiency, and internal management. plans to implement further innovation in 2012 to achieve great leaps in both business volume and quality. With IBM's systematic support, the company will realize tracking management in the entire process, so as to gain sustainable and fast growth.

IBM is the world's leading information technology and consulting services provider. It also provides information technology structure and consulting services to e-business enterprises in China and has a good knowledge of the operation and management of the Chinese e-commerce market.

This is the first time for IBM to cooperate with a collective buying website. By integrating financial management module, human resources module, enterprise culture construction, and leadership, IBM implements special design for the Chinese collective buying website, aiming to help manage the internal and external changes of its team, response to the global competition, and maximize the enterprise economic efficiency.


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