Business, Internet, Telecom & Wireless's Vice President Resigns

Han Kun, co-founder and vice president of the Chinese video website, has confirmed to local media that he has resigned his positions in and started a new business in the mobile Internet industry.

Han expressed his appreciation to Zhu Fahai, chief investment officer of Shanda, and Li Shanyou, co-founder of Han is one of the members of the founding team of and he was responsible for the business development of the company until his resignation.

Han was former general editor of and chief editor of's entertainment interactive center. In June 2006, He and Li, who was senior vice president and chief editor of, both resigned and established

In 2011, suffered a series of resignations and layoffs. In March 2011, Li resigned his position as chief executive officer of and six more executives left the company during the following six months.

Founded in 2006, is a Chinese video website based on the user generated content model. It is reportedly the only UGC video website that shares the profits from advertising with users who upload videos. On November 27, 2009, implemented an equity merger with Hurray, a subsidiary of Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited, which made a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hurray Holding Company Limited.

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