Oracle has joined with the Computer and Information Science Institute of Southwest University to establish a new education center in Chongqing.

This is reportedly the first time for Oracle to cooperate with a 211 Project university in China in the joint construction of an educational center, which is committed to the training of university students.

Under the agreement signed by the two parties, they will cooperate in six areas, including developing technology skills training; training young teachers; building solid majors for higher education; building a public education resources sharing platform; constructing training bases; and developing quality courses.

Chen Shijian, vice chancellor of Southwest University, said that the establishment of the Oracle-Southwest University education center is based on the prosperous development of the Chinese information technology industry. It is also an important move to enhance the education and teaching reform, accelerate the building of an educational resources sharing system, and promote international educational processes.

As one of the world's largest software enterprises, Oracle provides databases, tools, application software and related consulting, training and supporting services to users in 145 countries and regions.

Southwest University is a comprehensive university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education. It was newly established in July 2005 through the incorporation of former Southwest China Normal University and Southwest Agricultural University.


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