Chinese technology company Lenovo has signed an agreement with the municipal government of Wuhan and announced the founding of its new industrial base in the city.

Lenovo's new industrial base in Wuhan is reportedly a comprehensive base that integrates research, development, manufacturing, and sales of mobile Internet devices. Over the next five years, this base will gain over CNY5 billion in investment from Lenovo, and is expected to be completed and put into production in October 2013.

Prior to this, Lenovo's mobile Internet products were all made in its manufacturing base in Xiamen, Fujian. However, with the increase of its product shipment over recent years, the capacity of Xiamen plant cannot meet the demand anymore. Therefore, Lenovo plans to distribute its mobile manufacturing chain in central China.

The Wuhan industrial base also marks Lenovo's new project following the completion of its Chengdu industrial base in 2011. In addition, Lenovo earlier cooperated with Taiwan Compal in the establishment of a joint plant in Hefei, Anhui, producing desktops and laptops.

An insider from Lenovo told local Chinese media that the Wuhan industrial base will be mainly engaged in the development, manufacturing, and sales of mobile Internet products such as smartphones and tablet computers. After putting into production, its annual sales will reach CNY10 billion by 2014, while creating nearly 10,000 jobs. Meanwhile, Lenovo will establish a development and management team, implementing research and development in mobile Internet device and application sectors.


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