Microsoft has appointed Sandy Gupta as new national technology officer for the China region.

Gupta will reportedly transfer to China this summer and will be based in Beijing.

As Microsoft China's new national technology officer, Gupta will lead the China regional technology officer team. By cooperating with the Chinese central and local governments, Gupta will help establish the company's technical leader position in the country.

Prior to this appointment, Gupta was general manager for open solutions group of Microsoft worldwide. Under this leadership, Microsoft's global team delivered mixed-source cloud solutions and promoted the company's strategic partnership with open-source solutions manufacturers.

Before joining Microsoft in 2008, Gupta worked in the Unix industry for nearly 20 years. At the beginning of this career, he was a Unix kernel and device driver developer in Fujitsu. After that, he held senior management positions in several Unix companies, mainly responsible for promoting business and technology strategies.


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