Nokia will build an experience innovation center in Beijing to provide a mobile Internet entrepreneurial solutions platform; serve developers and entrepreneurs; and promote the building of a world-class software ecological park in Beijing.

At the same time, the new experience innovation center will also enhance Beijing's position as the global innovation center of Nokia.

Nokia said that its Beijing experience innovation center will provide resource support, technology support, training services and discussion and exchange opportunities to offer a complete entrepreneurial solutions platform to mobile Internet developers. It aims to aid the growth of developers, encourage Internet enterprise entrepreneurs, and lay a foundation for the establishment of a software ecological park.

Nokia's experience innovation center plans to select 3,000 innovations, support 300 start-up companies, and promote the IPO of 30 innovative companies. The first phase of the experience innovation center has been put into use and the second phase is currently undergoing construction and will be completed in the middle of 2013.

In addition, Nokia revealed that since its cooperation with Microsoft, the company has promoted a 1,300% growth of Windows Phone applications, totaling 100,000. Nokia's application store now has a daily download volume of 16 million and the accumulated downloads have reached six billion.


  1. Nokia has lost it's position as a leader of the mobile segment when they decided to join with Micrsoft boat. Bad sales, operating systems which don't have half of the features expected in a Nokia device, lack of drivers for hardware (reason why the Nokia and Samsung WP8 models has the same hardware). Nokia has get rid of all it's profitable mobile technologies like QT, MeeGo, Mobile payment system.

    The only thing Nokia does nowadays is to promote Microsofts products, no matter if it costs a million Euro a day in lost profit for Nokia and it just means you will not have any leading technological help from Nokia, they just tries to harvest others ideas and then give those for free to Microsoft.


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