China Unicom (America) Operations Limited, one of the overseas operating subsidiaries of China Unicom, has opened a new office in Toronto.

This is China Unicom's first office in Canada and sixth in North America. The new office will be responsible for providing network and business services to Chinese-invested enterprises in Canada, and providing communications service solutions to Canadian companies that operate businesses in China.

Fang Li, consul general of the Chinese consulate in Toronto, said that over recent years China's leading communications device manufacturers and service providers have entered the Canadian market one after another, and they contributed to the prosperity of the Canadian local communications market. As one of the major Chinese telecom operators, China Unicom's establishment of the new office in Canada will promote the cooperation between China Unicom and other Chinese telecom companies to gain greater success in the Canadian market.

Wu Yitao, president of China Unicom (Americas) Operations, said the Canadian telecom market has broad prospects and it is an overseas development focus of China Unicom. In addition, Canada has shown stable performance during the recent economic crisis, which is a key reason to attract investment.

China Unicom (America) Operations Limited is an overseas operating subsidiary of China Unicom and it is responsible for the Americas business. Headquartered in Virginia, it now has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago.


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