Placing dogma over commerce, China's Internet overlords have apparently been throttling down the speeds of Internet activity within China over the past few days as the National Congress of the Communist Party of China gets underway in Beijing.

Similar to many other instances over the past decade when important meetings or events took place in China, the hyper-sensitive telecommunications companies in China have been delivering slower broadband speeds and frustratingly narrower bandwidth to users throughout China. At, users over the last 48 hours have emailed asking if others too had these slower issues of reaching websites and services hosted overseas. Users of free VPN services also saw their services shuttered or blocked in recent days.

To make matters worse, the Hurricane Sandy in the United States last week caused service disruptions for many websites hosted in the United States, which also had a deleterious effect on general worldwide Internet infrastructure and usage.

However websites in China, especially the large Web portals and search engines who help disseminate propaganda in China such as,,, and all appear to load quickly on computers tested in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

The National Congress also caused the cancellation of the Beijing Marathon, an offline athletic event.

Like in previous similar situations, businesses who rely on Internet connectivity can do little in China but wait for the political drama in Beijing to end before they can hope to have faster Internet speeds back. And like before, there has been no official communique from any government entity on how or why the Internet is slow, leading the populace to rumor, innuendo, and self-testing of Internet connectivity.


  1. SOHU, sina, YOUku and China company should accuse of war crimes because unable provide human rights for the Chinese peoples.WEIBO bad influencers

  2. I see news that is blocked in China however it run good for me to search things. Truth be told my big problem is getting to other news sites and keeping track of our suppliers and buyers since some of the SSL and vpn connections are blocked and we have trouble talking with those suppliers outside of China.

    My company relies on the Internet to make the money and to give the taxes to PRC government. So the Chinese leaders stick themselves in the eye when they do this since it affects stability of the nation;hurts to their tax revenue; makes peple very angry and embarrassed to be Chinese.

  3. Witopia and Strongvpn are blocked because I have PAID accounts on each, and both do not work, and both do NOT GIVE ME MY DAMN MONEY BACK! Screw the GFW!!!! And screw the VPN Co's

  4. The Chinese internet is a complete joke, and should be rename to the Chinese INTRAnet. If I am ever able to get my hands on one of the Chinese censors I will punch him so hard his whole family will feel it.

  5. all openvpn are blocked in Shanghai!! What about other parts China?? How this be case and why why why why must China be idiots??

    XI Jinping daughter goes school in USA and she has freedom so other Chinese MUST HAVE INTERNET FREEDO TOO

  6. If I am using China Telecom now but I want to move to China Unicom how can I do that? My feeling is my hidemyass connection is never working so maybe if I change the ISP it shall work in Shanghai?


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