Great news for travelers as China Mobile announced that it began lowering international roaming fees in five countries at the start of November 2012.

These countries are the U.S., Indonesia, Philippines, Austria, and Sweden; and the average decreased rate is about 52.35%.

For example, the roaming fee for dialing from Indonesia is reduced from CNY29.99 per minute to CNY2.99 per minute and data roaming is reduced from CNY0.05 per KB to CNY0.01 per KB; and the roaming fee for dialing from U.S. AT&T is reduced from CNY4.99 per minute to CNY0.99 per minute, and the roaming fee for receiving calls is reduced from CNY2.99 per minute to CNY0.99 per minute.

This marks China Mobile's new measure to reduce international roaming fees, following its announcement at the end of June 2012 that the roaming fee in Britain was decreased during the Olympic Games.

According to China Mobile, the adjustments mainly target the most used services like dialing back to mainland China, receiving international roaming calls, and data roaming.

In addition, China Mobile realized unification of roaming fees with its all carrier partners in these five countries. When visiting these five countries, China Mobile's users do not need to manually select the network of local preferential carriers to enjoy the preferential roaming fee.

China Mobile said that the company is negotiating with carriers in other countries and regions, and it will try to offer more cost-effective international roaming services.


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