China Mobile reportedly plans to start the commercial use of the LTE TDD/FDD converged network in Hong Kong from December 18, 2012.

An insider from a related equipment provider revealed to local media that the TD-LTE network in Hong Kong is reportedly the first dual-mode LTE network in the Asia Pacific region and the commercial use represents the beginning of a 4G age in China.

During the initial operating stage, the LTE TDD/FDD network will mainly provide high-speed mobile data services; while voice communication and SMS functions will still be realized via the existing 2G and 3G networks.

So far, LTE devices available in Hong Kong include mobile phones, network interface cards, and MiFi terminals. However, mobile phones currently can only use the FDD-LTE network, and most devices that can use the TD-LTE network are wireless data cards and MiFis.

According to the LTE network construction plan of the Hong Kong subsidiary of China Mobile, by the end of 2012, the outdoor coverage of the LTE network will reach 100% and the indoor coverage will reach 80%.


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