China-based ZTE Corporation has responded to a lawsuit and accusations in Europe from rival Chinese technology firm Huawei over patent infringement.

Huawei had previously filed a court petition to the Mannheim court in Germany against ZTE Deutschland GmbH with respect to LTE and terminal patents.

On March 15, a Mannheim court in Germany declared plans to dismiss Huawei's accusation of ZTE's infringement of LTE terminal patents. But it appears the court was not so swayed on a patent infringement related to a "Key Derivation Function", so ZTE says it will appeal to a higher court.

ZTE says this recent court decision won't affect any ZTE business operations around the globe, including in Germany.

Starting from 2011, ZTE had reportedly filed 18 patent lawsuits against Huawei in Europe and China, concerning a portfolio of LTE infrastructure, core network and terminals. ZTE says it won a series of lawsuits in China's Shenzhen Intermediate Court and German Patent Courts in 2012.


  1. Huawei is obviously just a lousy agent of the PRC government so why does everyone still trust their phones? I see advertising in LA for their phones and why should I trust the phones from them if they are using Chinese technology to spy on my voice and details??


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