Lenovo Group will reportedly build its corporate products research and development center in Taiwan for the first time and recruit about 50 employees, aiming to seize the server market.

According to reports in Taiwanese local media, this is the group's second direct distribution move in this marketplace, following its establishment of a joint venture with Compal in 2012. Apart from leading the global notebook market, Lenovo also aims to make enterprise servers a new key business for the company.

Market research firm IDC revealed that during the third quarter of 2012, Lenovo's server business grew by 40% and its market share reached 14.1%.

In August 2012, Lenovo cooperated with the global storage solutions provider EMC in the establishment of a joint venture, marking its entry into the enterprise storage market. After that, Lenovo set up a new enterprise product group for the distribution in the enterprise product market. Under this strategic alliance, EMC's research and development team also entered Lenovo for the joint development of storage and server products.


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