China's Lenovo recently announced plans to cooperation with Microsoft in Internet of Things and the company displayed its ThinkIoT products supported by Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

According to Lenovo, those products will use Azure SQL Database Edge and solutions created for targeted vertical industries to help customers realize digital transformation. At present, customers who use Microsoft's Azure solution to promote IoT, AI and data management can use Lenovo's various products to achieve digital transformation.

Sam George, president of Microsoft Azure IoT business, said that customers hope to connect the real world and virtual world and promote business transformation with IoT and AI solutions more than ever. Therefore, it is important to cooperate with reliable partners who can provide infrastructure and services to simplify IoT.

He said that the cooperation with Lenovo is an integration of Microsoft's Azure platform and Lenovo's ThinkIoT solution, including hardware, software, and service, which aims to accelerate the process of creating value for their common customers.

In addition, Lenovo announced to launch a sub-brand ThinkReality targeting enterprise customers. It is a solution-based product that integrates software and hardware. It is also a part of Lenovo's intelligent business plan, which aims to help corporate employees gain assistance, reduce the number of repairs, simplify work process, improve training quality, and realize coordination.


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