Mark Hurd, president of Oracle, announced during the company's global conference that they will enhance investment in China, and their fourth Chinese research and development center has been constructed in Shanghai and will soon open.

Oracle already established a research and development department in Shanghai. With this new move, the company plans to expand its R&D system with main targets of cloud computing, big data, and business intelligence. Oracle previously established three R&D centers in China, locating in Beijing, Suzhou, and Shenzhen, respectively. The specific date for the new Shanghai center's opening has not yet been revealed.

Over recent years, Oracle continued to increase investment in R&D. In 2011, the company invested USD4.5 billion in this sector; in 2012, the number was USD5 billion; and in 2013, the company plans to invest over USD5 billion.

Pan Shaohai, Oracle's senior vice president and managing director of Greater China, told local media that China is one of the most important strategic markets for Oracle. They will not only enhance R&D investment in this marketplace, but also will strengthen their cooperation with Chinese partners to expand their Chinese market capabilities.

Oracle will cooperate with Neusoft, a Chinese information technology solutions and services provider, in industrial solution integration, national health plan services, and smart city construction. By combining Neusoft's industrial solutions with Oracle's integrated system, fusion applications, middleware, and hardware products, the two parties will establish one-package services from hardware, software, to service and support in China.


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