Chinese Internet security software provider Rising and Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop a proprietary virtualization security product.

With the cooperation, the two parties aim to develop the world's leading virtualization security solutions.

In the virtualization environment, most traditional security solutions providers are facing new challenges. For example, the traditional anti-virus solutions occupy too many resources and the virtual machine density is low. They impact the efficiency of servers and consume investment costs. However, virtualization solutions can provide the anti-virus functions while improving server resource usage and simplifying management.

According to Rising, the company has virtualization security technologies and a full proprietary anti-virus engine. Meanwhile, as an information and communications solutions provider, Huawei holds industry-leading cloud computing technologies, including the virtualization function cloud computing system FusionSphere; the computing storage network fusion machine FusionCube; and the desktop cloud product FusionAccess.

Zheng Yelai, Huawei's IT product line president, said that the in-depth cooperation of the two parties will definitely bring success to the business.

Zhang Yumu, vice president of Rising, revealed that Rising started the intensive study on security virtualization technologies two years ago. At present, the company has mastered relatively mature technologies and accumulated rich development experience.


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