Chinese online game developer and operator Shanda Games launched a new mobile game operating platform aimed at the mobile game distribution market.

The app store also integrates content, services and users. In the next 12 months, will publish 36 products and open an API to third-party developers.

According to Qian Donghai, president of Shanda Games, will combine quality content, services, and users. The third-party developers, stores and channels can gain a profit share of up to 90%.

Once the games are selected as quality games on, the developers will receive high profit sharing or even buyouts of their games. Meanwhile, developers do not need to pay for advertising and will open its user data and channel to developers.

Zhang Xiangdong, chief executive officer of Shanda Games, said that over 12 years of operation, Shanda Games has accumulated 1.8 billion registered accounts, of which one billion are active accounts and 100 million are paid accounts. In addition, they boast over 20 million active VIP users, who contribute CNY24 billion to the company. Shanda Games plans to soon integrate multiple systems, including account security, customer service, pre-paid card channels, payment billing, a user behavior data platform, membership, and information publishing.

Qian revealed that will be synchronously launched in other countries and regions, including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore.


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