Next-generation mobile services are coming to Hong Kong soon in the form of a 300Mbps-ready 4G network.

China-based ZTE Corporation helped CSL Limited complete a demonstration last week of Hong Kong's first 300Mbps-ready 4G network, paving the way for wider-scale commercial deployment of next-generation mobile services to consumers and business customers.

ZTE's carrier aggregation technology was deployed by CSL in the demonstration. Carrier aggregation technology combines two or more carrier frequencies in the same or different bands into one channel, increasing peak transmission speeds. ZTE's CA solution helps unlock the potential of the spectrum assets of CSL, which is the only mobile operator in Hong Kong reportedly equipped with a pair of 20MHz spectrum in the 1800MHz and 2600MHz frequency bands for 4G services.

CA addresses signal interference between neighboring cells that share the same band to improve the performance of LTE networks. By achieving load balancing between the master and the slave cells to increase network capacity, CA enables operators to provide consumers with higher networks speeds and a richer and more diversified mobile user experience.

A final date for roll-out of the services to consumers has not yet been announced.


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