Tencent is reshuffling its internal departments to make way for more online literature and book services.

The company has positioned its literature business into its interactive entertainment sector. This new literature area will include three major brands and five product channels.

According to Cheng Wu, vice president of Tencent, Tencent's literature business is an important step for the company's "pan-entertainment" strategic layout. Cheng said this Internet literature system currently has three brands: Chuangshi.qq.com, an original literature website for male readers; Yunyi.qq.com, an original literature website for female readers; and a digital publishing platform.

Cheng revealed that since the launch on May 30, 2013, Chuangshi.qq.com has published over 36,000 works and over 10,000 writers chose this platform to publish their works. Meanwhile, Yunyi.qq.com has published 110,000 works. It has daily updates of about 5,000 works and daily updates of over 20 million Chinese characters.

For traditional literature, Tencent launched a digital publishing platform, which cooperates with publishing houses like People's Literature Publishing House, China Writers Publishing House, Phoenix Publishing & Media, Jieli Publishing House, and Beijing Motie. This gives budding Chinese writers a way to have their books sold in hardcopy formats.

The expected investment in this new venture was not revealed by the company.


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