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China's Three Internet Music Providers Sign Mutual Licensing Agreement

China's and announced that they have reached a mutual licensing agreement with QQ Music to cover music copyrights of over one million songs.

Under this agreement, and will gain access to most of the exclusive agent copyrights owned by QQ Music, including records of Warner Music, Sony Music, JVR Music, and Linfair Records. In return, QQ Music will be able to gain exclusive agent copyright resources from and

QQ Music is part of the Chinese Internet behemoth Tencent.

The digital music service platforms of and have established strategic cooperation relationships with over 800 enterprises, record companies, and copyright management organizations in China and abroad. At present, their copyright cooperation covers 90% record companies and individual artists, accumulating nearly 20 million digital music licenses.

Prior to this, the two companies already gained exclusive agent copyrights of over 100 record companies such as Ocean Butterflies, China Record Corporation, Taihe Rye Musia, EMI, Forward Music, and Seed Music.

Financial terms for the deal were not released.

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