Chinese Web browser developer Maxthon formally launched a cloud browser product for the Windows Phone platform.

Maxthon now covers the Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone platforms.

According to Maxthon, the company will cooperate with MTK's Rolltech for pre-installation; and it will also work with Lenovo for PCs sold in Europe and South America.

The Windows Phone app store has covered 191 countries and regions with nine million transactions daily. Since the launch of WP8, the application downloads have increased by 262%.

Tian Zhongjia, product manager for Maxthon browser WP, said that the WP version Maxthon browser will enhance support for HTML5. Meanwhile, it has third-party cookie privacy policies, which can separate third-party cookies from the first-party ones, block websites' tracking of user cookies, and protect user privacy. In addition, the new Maxthon WP browser integrates a featured function that supports the multi-label two-dimensional switching mode. This function will reportedly improve the operating experience when switching pages within the browser.

So far, Maxthon browsers have been available in 140 countries and regions. By providing services in over 43 languages, the Chinese browser brand has reached millions of users. Its user share in overseas markets has exceeded that in the Chinese domestic market.

To further expand the overseas market, Maxthon plans to cooperate with Rolltech to pre-install its browser in Android smartphones made by MTK. It will also team with Lenovo to enlarge its user group in overseas markets.


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