Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC announced in its performance report for November 2013 that the company's total operating revenue for the month was NTD15.47 billion, representing a month-over-month increase of 3.2% but a year-over-year decrease of 27.1%.

From January to November 2013, HTC's total operating revenue was about NTD190.97 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 28.6%.

HTC predicted that in the fourth quarter of 2013, the company's operating revenue will reach between NTD40 billion and NTD45 billion, a quarter-over-quarter decrease of 4.25% to 14.89%. Its gross margin will be between 19% and 20%.

Market research firm TrendForce said that in the fourth quarter of 2013, HTC's smartphone shipments are expected to be 5.2 million units, a decrease of 16.2%. The reason for the decline is because of the company's market share shrink in America and Europe. Apart from the HTC One Max, the company has not launched any other new product during the recent period.

Due to cash flow pressure led by sales decreases, HTC has shut down at least one of it four major product lines and turned to manufacturing outsourcing. The closed product line reportedly accounted for about one-fifth of the company's production capacity.


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