Ruijie Networks, a Chinese network solutions provider, is aiming to help enterprises speed up their cloud businesses as it unveiled its cloud business acceleration product series PowerGet.

According to Ji Xiang, Ruijie Networks' vice director for its gateway product line, the launch of the company's PowerGet cloud business acceleration series will provide a high-speed channel from cloud computing centers to end-users. It will rapidly deliver the cloud services to users and realize the true value of cloud computing in China.

The PowerGet series launched this time includes a RG-PowerCache cloud resource acceleration, RG-PowerEG cloud business acceleration gateway, and RG-PowerAD cloud load balancer. Those products allow users in different industries and scale to rapidly access both public cloud and private clouds on various virtual machine infrastructures while ensuring the security of their cloud businesses.

During the launch meeting, Ruijie Networks also published a white paper named PowerCache Internet Hot Index 2013. By analyzing the Internet surfing habits of 20 million Internet users with its PowerCache cloud resource acceleration product on 600 networks across the country, Ruijie Networks provides analysis of the most popular Internet applications and habits in 2013.


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