NetQin Mobile, a Chinese mobile Internet services provider, announced that the company has reached an agreement with American telecom carrier Sprint to launch Sprint Live, the new-generation Sprint ID service based on NetQin's NQ Live, on Sprint's new Android devices.

NQ Live is one of NetQin's newly launched business lines after its business upgrade in 2014. It covers a mobile advertising platform and mobile search services. Basing on NetQin's core mobile security capacity, NQ Live integrates the company's interface-level applications, including mobile games, live wallpaper, music search, and image search; and it will be opened to third-party applications in the future.

In the cooperation between NetQin and Sprint, NQ Live will first focus on mobile live wallpaper services. This will also be the strategic direction of the two parties. With the cooperation, Sprint users will be able to experience the live wallpaper service on their mobile desktop without opening any application. In addition, Sprint ID allows users to make various customized settings like applications, ringtones, wallpapers and other small tools.

David Owens, Sprint's product director, said that Sprint is eager to form a NQ Live ecosystem with NetQin. They expect to lead application developers, advertisers and content suppliers to expand user experiences, so as to allow users to customize their own devices.


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