Nasdaq-listed Chinese online game company announced that its chief financial officer He Jie has submitted a resignation and will depart the company on March 4, 2014.

After leaving, He will start his own business. Meanwhile, is looking for a new CFO. During the transitional period, Sheng Wen, financial director of, will temporarily act in the CFO role.

Wang Tao, chief executive officer of, said they truly appreciated He's contribution over the past seven years. As CFO, He led the IPO of and completed several strategic acquisitions, which accelerated the business development of the company. At the same time, He supervised the financial management system of, ensured the healthy financial condition of the company, created an effective financial management and internal control system, improved the company's management level, and helped the company establish a close relationship with the capital market.

Sheng joined in May 2008. As financial director, Sheng is in charge of the daily work of the financial department, including financial report, financial planning, tax, and capital management. She also participates in important strategic financial projects of the company. Before joining, Sheng was senior financial manager of


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