Gome.com.cn, the e-commerce platform of Chinese home appliances retail chain Gome, confirmed that its chief executive officer, Gao Xiang, has departed the company.

Gome said in a statement that due to personal reasons, Gao officially left Gome.com.cn on March 20, 2014. The company did not clearly state whether Gao had provided sufficient notice to the company.

According to public files, Gao previously worked as vice president of Dangdang.com He once started an e-commerce website named ChinaMalls in America and successfully listed that business. In 2006, Gao was chief executive officer of Yaolan.com, a Chinese professional parenting portal. He was appointed chief executive officer of Gome.com.cn in September 2013.

During Gao's term of office, he promoted the improvement of user shopping processes, improved technology development efficiency, and enhanced internal structure construction.

Mu Guixian, chairman of Gome.com.cn, said that he understood Gao's decision and expressed appreciation for his dedication to Gome.com.cn, which laid a certain foundation for the future development of the company. There is no word yet who will replace Gao.


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