Intel announced at Intel Developer Forum 2014 held in Shenzhen that the company plans to invest USD100 million to set up a smart device innovation fund in China to encourage partners' innovations in super mobile devices, wearable devices and Internet of Things sectors.

Brian Krzanich, Intel's global chief executive officer, said that Intel will establish a smart device innovation center in Shenzhen. As an innovation hub, this new center will cooperate with Shenzhen manufacturers in the smart device sector to provide technical support, industrial chain support, supply chain optimization, and marketing support.

Intel believes that Internet of Things and wearable devices are future growth markets. Targeting these markets, Intel launched chip products and acquired a wearable device maker.

Meanwhile, Intel is actively promoting a series of products and plans, aiming to accelerate the innovation of wearable devices. Intel's strategy is to establish platforms for wearable reference devices, system chips, and other related technologies, so as to help customers develop wearable devices.


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