Chinese online game developer and operator Giant announced the establishment of its web game publishing center for the publishing and operation of web game products developed and operated exclusively by Giant.

Wu Meng, Giant's vice president, will lead this new publishing venture. Wu joined Giant at the beginning of 2012 and set up Juzi Network, a subsidiary of Giant, for the development and operation of web games. This newly established web game publishing center now belongs to Juzi Network.

At the same time, Giant released its new product plans for the entire year of 2014. The web game publishing center will participate in the publishing and operation of products for the year.

The launch of the web game publishing center represents Giant's enhanced efforts in web game publishing and operation, which will help the company fully open up the upstream and downstream industry chain and improve its market heft. With the web game publishing center, Giant will realize a strategic layout formed by online client-based games, mobile games, and web games.


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