MediaTek and Acer will cooperate in the Internet of Things sector to promote cloud applications, wearable devices, and the Internet of Things technologies.

The news was announced during Computex Taipei 2014. The cooperation between MediaTek and Acer will focus on open platforms and it will be based on the Acer Open Platform.

Stan Shih, chairman of Acer, and Ming-Kai Tsai, chairman of MediaTek, announced that with the cooperation, MediaTek will join Acer's Build Your Own Cloud project. In addition, the two parties will team to develop the Internet of Things and wearable device business opportunities.

Shih said that the cooperation between MediaTek and Acer is like the cooperation between Intel and Microsoft 30 years ago. However, the two parties will not have the "winner takes all" concept, and they will only fight for cloud computing business opportunities.

Financial terms of the deal were not revealed.


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