Amazon announced that Doug Gurr will replace Steve Frazier as the new president of Amazon China.

Meanwhile, Frazier will be transferred back to the Seattle headquarters and continues to work as global vice president of the international business unit.

Frazier was leading Amazon's Chinese Internet retailing business in the past two and half years. In the future, he will be responsible for business expansion in international markets, including supporting the Chinese business.

Gurr will take the new position from September 1, 2014. Gurr joined Amazon Britain in 2011 as global vice president and he was in charge of home and outdoor product categories. Before joining Amazon, he worked for Asda, an English chain supermarket under Wal-Mart, as an executive and board member. He once established an Internet company and led the successful IPO of the company. In addition, he was once a partner of McKinsey & Company.

Amazon entered the Chinese market in 2004. At present, it provides 20 million kinds of products of 32 major categories and runs 13 operating centers in China. The company already launched its Kindle e-reader and tablet in China; and the company is testing its cloud services, which went into beta at the end of 2013 and faces a very tough uphill climb in the country.


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