Lenovo Group announced in Beijing that the company has launched an Internet business platform named Lenovo New Business Development and the platform also released the first batch of three innovative products: smart glasses, smart air purifier, and smart router.

Adopting equity participation and collaboration methods, Lenovo NBD opens its software and hardware development, market, channel, and service resources to the world's top start-up teams. With this model, Lenovo will work together with those teams to develop products that better meet customer demands and provide smarter products and services.

As the first move of Lenovo NBD, this platform launched its first batch products, covering smart glasses, smart air purifier, and smart router. The smart glasses have two modes, which are M100 for industrial users and New Glass for ordinary consumers. The products are results of Lenovo's cooperation with U.S. Vuzix and Beijing Yunshi Zhitong, respectively. Both products are specially designed for Chinese users with a Chinese-language operating environment and applications.

The smart air purifier products include LUFTMED D300, LUFTMED D600 and New Air X330, which were development by Lenovo and Germany-based Luftmed. Those products can reportedly filter PM2.5 particles by over 99% and can realize up to 500-cubic-meter air circulation each hour.

In addition, the smart router named Newifi developed by Lenovo and Chengdu Diting Technology can prevent Internet phishing and fraud. It also features a user-friendly interface, offline download, and private cloud application.

Apart from the new products, NBD's online platform NewBD.com was also launched. This platform has three major sectors: product introduction, B2C sales, and fan community. With this platform, users can gain pre-sales and post-sales services; while developers will gain Lenovo's technical support as well as view user feedback.


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