China Mobile Guangxi, a subsidiary of China Mobile, has just released a corporate social responsibility report.

Different from the CSR reports of others which are usually released annually, China Mobile Guangxi's report is the first one that covers a total period of ten years (1999-2009). Obviously the company believes that it is better late than never to have issued a corporate citizenship report of this type.

The 52-page report summarizes China Mobile Guangxi's history and achievements in corporate social responsibility over the past ten years and it describes the company's understanding of its major three responsibilities on taking care of the economy, society and environment. It expatiates on the company's practice for building a harmonious corporate culture, training employees, supporting environmental protection, promoting public welfare, and embodying the theme that "development is the biggest responsibility".

China Mobile Guangxi was formally launched in Nanning in 1999 when the company had only a total of 1358 analog telephone base stations and 660,000 users, accounting for about 1.35% of the total population of the region. In the past decade, the company achieved stable growth in client numbers, network scale and revenue. To date, it has a total of 18 million users and provides mobile information service to more than one-third of Guangxi's population.

In the past decade, China Mobile Guangxi has actively expanded its network coverage, optimized its network quality and launched new services and applications based on clients' demands. It has also integrated its marketing channels and updated its service quality for its loyal clients.

For this year and the coming three years, China Mobile plans to inject CNY20 billion in Guangxi to push the transformation from TD to TD-LTE and bring 3G service to the region.


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