Chinese technology company Lenovo announced a new cloud computing program during its enterprise business strategy and ThinkServer Gen5 launch meeting.

The company also published its self-developed cloud platform management solution named ThinkCloud.

Gerry Smith, Lenovo Group's executive vice president, head of enterprise and head of Lenovo's North America operations, said that apart from PC, enterprise business is another major profit contributor for Lenovo. By acquiring IBM's X86 server business, Lenovo aims at the top of the global server market.

Chen Xudong, Lenovo Group's senior vice president and president of Lenovo's China and Asia Pacific emerging markets, revealed that under the new cloud computing program, Lenovo will build 50 cloud computing centers across China; train over 1,000 cloud computing infrastructure experts; establish an open cloud ecosystem; recruit 100 channel partners which focus on cloud computing solutions; and support the transformation of existing channels.

For its underlying hardware support, Lenovo currently has ThinkServer products, Lenovo-EMC enterprise storage, private cloud all-in-one machine ThinkCloud AIO, and the to-be-launched new product System X. On the application level, Lenovo's enterprise cloud can provide storage, push, distribution and video services to small- and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, the newly launched ThinkCloud will be able to provide private and mixed cloud platform solutions to hyper-scale data centers.

For the next step, Lenovo will implement in-depth cooperation with partners like Microsoft, Intel, Citrix, and Aliyun. In the future, Lenovo will fully participate in the consulting, planning, deployment, and operation and maintenance of cloud platforms of all sizes.


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