American semiconductor company Qualcomm recently confirmed that they will sell their Mirasol panel plant in Longtan, Taiwan, to Taiwanese local foundry TSMC.

Mirasol panel manufacturing was a business under Qualcomm MEMS Technologies, a subsidiary of Qualcomm, and it was once considered a breakthrough LCD panel product. However, the related business expansion was not smooth. Early in 2012, the Mirasol panel plant reportedly halted production.

Jointly founded by Qualcomm and Taiwan Foxlink Group, the Mirasol display plant was put into operation in 2009. After TSMC's acquisition, it will be used for a chip packaging business.

Mirasol is a new display technology developed by Qualcomm MEMS Technologies. Like traditional E-ink technology, it uses ambient light reflection to display content instead of using backlight. With the eyesight protection feature like E-ink, Mirasol technology also incorporates a high refresh rate and it can be used to play videos, which allows usage as mobile phones and tablet screens. With low power consumption, the Mirasol technology may bring revolutionary influences if it can be widely applied.


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