Xi Guohua, chairman of China Mobile, revealed the company's goal for 2015 during China Mobile Global Partner Conference 2014, stating that China Mobile plans to sell 250 million terminals, including 200 million 4G devices, and they aim to develop 250 million 4G users in 2015.

Xi said the company has surpassed the goals for 4G services in 2014. They not only completed the building of 500,000 4G base stations, but also constructed additional ones; and they expected to have 700,000 4G base stations completed by the end of 2014. For user group expansion, they planned to develop 50 million 4G users; however, the number may reach 80 million by year-end once all calculations are confirmed later this year. In addition, the number of 4G terminals will reach 220 million.

For 2015, Xi revealed that China Mobile plans to build one million 4G base stations, achieve 100% LTE international roaming access, sell 250 million terminals including 200 million 4G devices, and develop 250 million 4G users.

He also revealed that for device development, China Mobile will stick to multi-frequency, wearable devices, and owned mobile phone brands. He emphasized that the owned mobile phone brand does not mean to compete with mobile phone manufacturers; instead, they will try to establish a new framework for pricing and design.


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