First International Telecom Corporation, the only telecom carrier that provides low-power communication system services in Taiwan, has announced its bankruptcy and its users will be taken over by other carriers.

Founded in 1997, First International Telecom officially launched its personal handy-phone system business in 2001, making it the only Taiwanese telecom carrier that provides low-power communication system services. In 2008, the company applied for restructuring to the local court in Taipei. At present, the company only has about 600,000 users and 100,000 paid users.

In May 2014, First International Telecom revealed its PHS system upgrade and restructuring process to the public and invited Japan's XGP Forum as its representative to introduce the new XGP system, the next-generation PHS system.

A Taipei local court finally allowed termination of restructuring of First International Telecom Corporation and announced its bankruptcy on December 18, 2014, after the company's failure to execute its five-year restructuring efforts. However, the company said they will try to maintain the normal operation of its 1,900MHz frequency network.


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