The Global Internet Governance Alliance held its first general council meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group, was selected as a co-chairman of the alliance council.

Ma is reportedly the only Asian representative to be co-chairman of the alliance council.

After being selected, Ma said this represents the trust in the Chinese Internet and China's Internet governance ability. He will be committed to promoting the innovative development of the Internet and providing more benefits to young people and small enterprises.

The Global Internet Governance Alliance was initiated by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers,, and the World Economic Forum. It is committed to building an open online Internet governance solutions discussion platform for global communities to discuss various topics, including Internet governance issues, governance project display, and Internet issue research.

In January 2015, the council of Global Internet Governance Alliance selected 20 members, including China's State Internet Information Office director Lu Wei and Jack Ma.


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