As an exercise in showing that Chinese companies use and promote the legal use of software, Kingsoft Corporation Limited announced that its non-wholly owned subsidiary Beijing Kingsoft Office Software Company has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent Technology (Shenzhen) Company.

Under this agreement, Kingsoft will grant the perpetual usage rights of V9.6 of its WPS Office 2013 to Tencent. After the authorization, Tencent will be able to use the software on all legal computers in its offices in China; however, it is limited to office use only.

Kingsoft will provide a 3-year after-sales services to Tencent, including basic services, training services, and other services stipulated in the license agreement. In return, Tencent will pay CNY2 million in total to Kingsoft and the payment will be completed in three tranches of cash.

Kingsoft announced that another non-wholly owned subsidiary named Kingsoft Internet Software Holdings Limited also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited. Under this agreement, Kingsoft Internet Software and its subsidiaries will provide promotional services to various products of Tencent Group.


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