Chinese map and navigation services provider AutoNavi announced that by the end of January 2016, the number of its map users reached over 500 million and the number of its active users increased by over 100% in 2015.

According to Chen Yonghai, product vice president of AutoNavi, the Chinese map application industry will face a new era of heightened competition.

AutoNavi was established in 2002, and is the first Chinese private company that gained the class A mapping qualification for navigation electronic map. It is the only Chinese private company that has the class A qualification for aerial photography. So far, AutoNavi has collected over 50 million pieces of POI data and over 5.3 million kilometers of road data. In addition, it can realize real-time updates of traffic information of over 360 Chinese cities.

In July 2009, AutoNavi launched mobile map services and started providing mobile map navigation services to Chinese mobile users. To date, the company has accumulated over 500 million users.

Chen said for the year of 2016, AutoNavi will enhance innovative products while keeping its advantages in navigation and traffic data. The company will focus on user demands in more areas such as Internet of Vehicles, resorts, voice navigation, and external cooperation.


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