What better way to sell products than to get your own employees to buy the products? Foxconn has established a special team to display and promote Sharp's white goods, including dehumidifiers, air purifiers, and refrigerators, in its own factories.

With this move, Foxconn hopes to attract its employees' attention to purchase Sharp products to improve the sales of Sharp products in the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. Meanwhile, Foxconn's employees can order Sharp products via Foxconn's e-commerce service platform.

This new propaganda team started promotional activities in mainland factories at the beginning of May 2016. In addition, Foxconn plans to establish experience centers and stores around the entire country to promote Sharp products to consumers.

Earlier in April 2016, Foxconn and Sharp officially signed an acquisition agreement to absorb Sharp into Hon Hai Group. In the Japanese white goods sector, Sharp has fallen behind Panasonic and Hitachi, and Foxconn aims to change this situation.


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