Chinese online game developer and operator Giant Interactive Group announced plans o set up a movie and television business subsidiary, which is the first subsidiary established by the company after its return to the A-share market in China.

Giant's new movie and television subsidiary will focus on movie and television project development, entertainment industry investment, intellectual property operation, and movie and game resources integration. Zhang Amu has been appointed president of the new movie and television company.

Zhang previously worked for Sina's entertainment business unit, leading television, music, variety, and video program production as well as the commercialization and investment of Sina entertainment. He said that in the future Giant will build a pan-entertainment ecosystem that is suitable for the development of the movie and television subsidiary basing on the collaboration of movie and game.

Remlying on Giant's years of experience in the gaming sector, the movie and television subsidiary will convert its owned intellectual properties into diversified entertainment contents. The company will also enhance its investment in the entertainment industry and movie and television projects, so as to accelerate its pan-entertainment industrial chain distribution, said Zhang.


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