Chinese search engine giant Baidu and Yahoo Japan are working together in an online advertising business.

With the deal, it will be easier for Japanese enterprises to place advertisements on the Internet in China.

Chinese consumers have high purchase intentions for Japanese products, and the number of Chinese tourists visiting Japan is also growing. Baidu and Yahoo Japan will focus on advertising demands targeting Chinese netizens and provide support to Japanese companies that adopt cross-border online promotional strategies.

Baidu's legal entity in Japan reportedly signed the advertising agency agreement with Yahoo Japan. Under this agreement, Yahoo Japan will be fully responsible for the advertising proposals and business activities targeting Japanese companies. Other financial details of the agreement were not released.

Prior to this deal, the related business activities were handled by Baidu's legal entity in Japan. However, due to manpower limitations, they only served large enterprises and their ability to explore local corporate customers was restricted. This Yahoo Japan deal now opens opportunities to reach smaller Japanese companies.


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