Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has reached an Advanced Audio Coding patent licensing agreement with Via Licensing Corporation.

Under the agreement, Via will allow Xiaomi to use the patented technologies in its AAC patent pool on Xiaomi's full channel of products. Via's AAC technologies can achieve high audio quality via high compression efficiency and lower data consumption and processing power.

Via Licensing Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dolby Laboratories and it has over 50 years of experience in technology and innovation licensing. The company is committed to the development and management of licensing programs for mandated, de facto, and emerging standards on behalf of innovative technology companies in the audio, broadcast, wireless, and automotive markets.

Joe Siino, president of Via, said that they are very pleased to work with Xiaomi's highly professional and dedicated IP team to reach this agreement. Xiaomi recognized the value in Via's AAC patent pool and was instrumental in helping Via adjust for unique dynamics in China and other emerging markets in fair and reasonable ways.

Wang Xiang, senior vice president of Xiaomi, said that Via has demonstrated that the AAC licensing model can fairly and efficiently address unique market circumstances, like those in China. Joining over 800 other AAC licensees shows Xiaomi's commitment to bringing the best user experience to their customers. This agreement helps ensure that their customers will continue to enjoy extremely high-quality audio in markets around the world.

Financial terms of the deal were not released.


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