Didi Chuxing recently sent out an all-employee letter announcing its five strategic key ideas for 2017 and its new upgraded organizational structure.

Didi's chief executive officer Cheng Wei and president Liu Qing said in the email that the company's five strategic key words for 2017 are: inner work practice, smart traffic, premium car service, global distribution, and realization of its so-called "Hong Liu" strategy.

The internal letter also revealed that after a reorganization, Didi will form two major business clusters, a "fast travel" team, and multiple business units. The two major business clusters are a fast travel business cluster and quality travel business cluster. The fast travel business cluster will include its taxi business unit, express car business unit, Uber-related business unit, platform operating department, and capacity center.

As one of Didi's five strategies for 2017, the company established a new smart traffic team, which includes the public transportation business unit formerly known as bus business unit. This new team is led by Zhang Wensong. Cheng and Liu said in the email that they hope Didi could become the largest smart traffic service provider in the world.

In addition, Didi established an international business unit led by Zhu Jingshi, head of the strategy unit.


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